Kids and Community Service: Enriching the Neighbourhood

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With the increase of screen time among the younger generation, there’s a sharp decline of social, group activities outside in favour for more solitary time indoors. Being parents, teachers, mentors and guides to the always present next generation is an important one. It’s this key point as to why we should be positive role models and show the wonderful possibilities …

Youth Night

Free Activities for Youth and Teens

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We’ve all heard the complaints. Today’s youth don’t get enough exercise and physical activity. All of their socializing is done online with their heads buried in their devices. Kids never just “hang out” and play anymore. There aren’t many affordable entertainment options for the youth in our area and It costs a small fortune to see a movie at the …

Getting Your Kids Active

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Getting Your Kids Active Studies show the rate of overweight youth in our society today has increased dramatically since the 1970’s. How, as parents, can we change that? There are numerous factors that come into play when addressing this growing concern, but a major one is the activity levels of our kids. Encouraging your children to lead a more active life not only …