7 Benefits of Music

7 Benefits of Music That Positively Influence Children’s Lives

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From the time babies are born, we instinctively use music to calm and soothe our little ones. Lullabies, nursery rhymes, sing-song voices, rhythmic expressions of love… It’s no surprise that infants will recognize a song’s melody before they understand words! Music is and has always been a prominent method of engaging, interacting and entertaining children of all ages. But did …

Youth Night

Free Activities for Youth and Teens

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We’ve all heard the complaints. Today’s youth don’t get enough exercise and physical activity. All of their socializing is done online with their heads buried in their devices. Kids never just “hang out” and play anymore. There aren’t many affordable entertainment options for the youth in our area and It costs a small fortune to see a movie at the …

Weaving Service Goals Into Your New Year

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December’s season of giving inspires ripples of kindness around the globe, with many people offering much needed support to those who are less fortunate around the holidays. Food drives, soup kitchens, clothing donations, adopt-a-family contributions… All these receive great support in our community during the winter months, especially around Christmas. But how we can boost support for these charities and …

Thoughtful Ways to Donate Your Time This Winter

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  With the increasing demand of local associations seeking assistance, as well as an increase in charitable organizations popping up worldwide, many local charities are seeing a decline in cash contributions when compared to previous years.   “Canadian charitable organizations could be left vulnerable in the near future due to a demographic shift of younger Canadians donating less.“   Today’s …