Kids and Community Service: Enriching the Neighbourhood

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With the increase of screen time among the younger generation, there’s a sharp decline of social, group activities outside in favour for more solitary time indoors. Being parents, teachers, mentors and guides to the always present next generation is an important one. It’s this key point as to why we should be positive role models and show the wonderful possibilities and helpful impact on our community.

It’s great to encourage kids to want to do community service, but it’s even more important to ease them into the idea. This should be something that they will want to do, not forced to, as their opinion can easily sour if pushed too quickly into an event or activity they heavily dislike.
To find out the best way to get your family involved in the community, first talk to your kids. See what interests they have that can correlate to activities in the neighbourhood. If they love being around animals, volunteering at an animal shelter, feeding and playing and taking care of the animals would be a much more fitting and fun day than on the side of the road picking up garbage. Community service shouldn’t feel like doing chores – it’s not how much of an impact you have, it’s the fact that you’ve made one.

Having friends along for the experience will also get them more excited and involved!

Fun Things To Do For The Community

Volunteering at a retirement home: This is a great way to bridge the generation gap, and manages to brighten up more than just the kids’ day! There is lots to do with a “grandfriend” in a retirement home, like playing cards, board games, handicrafts or just talking and sharing stories with one another!


GardenGrow fruits and veggies: This is one you don’t even have to leave the yard for! Planting a garden of fruits and veggies to donate to food banks or shelters is a great way to get everyone outside, learn about gardening and instill a sense of responsibility with caring for the garden over a season.

Bake and deliver: If you aren’t able to garden, then baking treats together can be a wonderful day-long activity! Baking cookies, brownies, cupcakes or any other type of sweet treat can be delivered to a variety of different places like the police department, fire department or retirement home. Delivering a batch of cookies to a police or fire station would likely even result in a tour, which would be great further learning for the kids.

There’s so much to do that kids can be excited about that doesn’t even seem like work. As an adult, if you’d like to get yourself involved in the community, consider joining The Midland Ys Men’s Club at one of our weekly meetings. As the oldest Ys Men’s Club in Ontario, we’re proud to be a historic supporter of our community.