Life in 1925!

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Life in 1925!




Ninety-three years ago, a group of men came together to form the Midland Y’s Men’s Club and they’ve been going strong ever since. They support the YMCA of Midland and the broader community through an array of projects and activities that they’ve created, operated and/or funded.

A lot has changed since 1925 when the Y’s Men came together. Life was simpler then – maybe not easier, but certainly less hectic. People weren’t hounded by the dings and rings of cell phones, we didn’t have to search out organic food in grocery stores or restaurants because the food was just grown naturally, and there was no such thing as gridlock. In fact, in 1925, the city of Toronto had just one intersection with electric traffic signals and there was a total of 22 car accidents that year in the city. Imagine that! There’s a really neat blog article called “A brief history of the first traffic lights in Toronto”,  if you want to read more about it.

I got off track there…..OK, back to our own blog article….

Let’s take a walk down history lane and see what life was like back in 1925!

  • The average wage was 78 cents per hour
  • The annual income for blue-collar workers was $999.00 and $1854.00 for white-collar workers
  • The Prime Minister was William Lyon Mackenzie King
  • The Premier of Ontario was George Howard Ferguson
  • Silent movies were the hottest rage. For the cost of 15 cents, you could go to local theatre and watch a movie
  • Listening to a hockey game on your radio was becoming the most popular sports broadcast
  • The average lifespan of a baby born in 1925 was 60 years old
  • Communicable diseases were a big concern as the invention of the “antibiotic “ had not been discovered
  • Focus on education was being implemented and 30% of girls and 25% of boys between the ages of 15 – 19 were now attending school
  • Women were finally able to vote, and the first woman MP was elected
  • Woman account for 15% of the workforce
  • This was the Canadian Flag

  • The cost of a dozen eggs was approximately 4 cents and a loaf of bread would run you 8 cents
  • Chrysler started building cars in Canada
  • Women’s fashion included short haircuts and flat stomachs
  • Western Hockey League Victoria Cougar’s won the Stanley Cup by defeating the National Hockey League’s Montreal Canadians
  • Famous Legend of Hockey, Floyd Curry, was born
  • Canadian Politician and hydroelectricity advocate, Sir Adam Beck, passed away on August 15, 1925
  • Check out some of the lingo used in the 1920’s – phrases like “bee’s knees”, and “real Mccoy” and words like “Speakeasy” and “spiffy


My, how times have changed! Just think, today’s teenagers have never even dialled a rotary phone. As much as things have changed, they’ve also stayed the same. Midland Y’s Men’s Club continues to support our community with the help of our members, volunteers and benefactors. If you’d like to become a part of our organization, why not attend one of our meetings to find out more about us?