Keeping the kids busy over the summer

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Keeping the kids busy over the summer

Sunshine, hot humid days and no school for the kids!!!  It certainly is nice not to have to worry about lunch preparations and homework after dinner, but unless you are lucky enough to have the summer off as well, you will need to make arrangement for the little ones.  Even if you are home for the summer, it’s always nice to get the kids involved in camps or activities so they don’t drive you crazy……because I am sure at some point in time we have all heard those famous words “I’M BORED”!  Here’s a list of some fun ideas to get you and the kids through the long hot dog days of summer.

At Home Activities

Spend a day crafting- there are so many different fun crafts for kids to make.  Anything from paper plate watermelon sun catchers to bird feeders, Pinterest is a good place to look for those DIY summer crafts.

Build an outdoor obstacle course.  Get creative and have fun with this one.  You can have different stations set up and make it a game to see who can get through the course the fastest.  Of course, everyone will win a nice cold jumbo freezie at the end.  For more helpful hints check out this link:

DIY Obstacle Course

Day Camps

In many communities, there are different organizations that offer day programs for all ages.  Your local YMCA is a good place to start when looking for what camps are available.  There are many different themes to choose from for a week of day camp, such as sports, drama, water fun, explorer, science or circus.  Another option to check out would be your local library.  They often have daily groups that you can sign your kids up for.

Overnight Camps

Depending on the age of your child there are quite a few different camps that you can send your child to for the week.  I know it may seem scary to think your child will be gone for a whole week, and who will be there to remind them to brush their tooth or change their underwear?  Speaking from experience as a camper and a parent who sent their child to camp, it is an investment that should be made.  I have such fond memories of my days (a LONG time ago) at camp, making friends, swimming, getting treats from the tuck shop and sitting by the fire singing all those funny songs, and my son was able to share the same experiences when he went.  If this is something you would like to explore here are a few links that may be helpful and if not ask your local church to see if they offer anything.

Whatever you decide to do with your kids the most important things is to have FUN!!!