How Music Feeds the Soul

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Midland Y’s Men’s Music Festival

Have you ever heard a special song that immediately takes you back in time or sparks a certain memory? For some people, music plays an extensive part of their lives and the mood or feelings that the artist is trying to convey can be shown just by really listening to the words or the beat of their song.

With the Midland Y’s Men’s Music Festival right around the corner, it is only fitting to share how music is an intricate part of some people’s days and lives and how the Music Festival strives to showcase the musician.

They say drums are a connection to our own heartbeats and the rhythm can sooth even a crying baby to sleep, which brings back a memory. About 6 years ago a school group of grade eight kids wowed the audience with a spectacular African drum arrangement.  The performance was not only moving but also unique, as the African drums are not always the norm when a student is choosing an instrument or a group is deciding on what piece should be focused on.

Midland’s Y’s men’s Music Festival has been enjoyed since 1945 and is a time-honoured tradition that showcases student’s talent, passion and enthusiasm for music.  They offer a wide variety of performances with it all coming together at the end for the Festival of Stars where they announce a grand champion.   Participants have an opportunity to work as individuals or groups to show off their skills.  Not only do the kids get to have fun, but it also brings the community together as the events are open to the public.

Y’s Men’s Music Festival goals are to provide students with:

  • Motivation to develop a high level of performance
  • Opportunity to hear others students perform which helps to stimulate their growth
  • A chance to compare their own skills and achievement with other students
  • An environment where the quality of material performed is stressed
  • An event in which they can receive objective and constructive criticisms of their performance

Additional goals:

  • Provide music teachers with a setting in which they may appraise their own standard of accomplishment
  • To provide the community with a source of enjoyment through the performances

The Music Festival spans over a full month starting April 26, 2017, running until May 24, 2017.  So whether you are looking for a night of piano, guitar, vocalist, violins or fiddles, the festival is sure not to disappoint.  For more information including dates and locations please visit the website at