I Don’t Have Time to Volunteer.

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I Don’t Have Time to Volunteer.

What if I told you that you could support the Midland Y’s Men’s Club (or most other organizations) without investing large amounts of time or money?

Many of us would love to volunteer or help causes near and dear to our hearts but feel that we’re not able to take on another commitment. We understand, so the Midland Y’s Men’s Club has come up with some ideas which will allow you to contribute in a big way but with little investment, using social media.

 facebookSocial Sharing:

If you see a post or tweet, like it and share it. A simple share can extend the reach of one post to hundreds of more viewers, and if some of those new viewers share it, many thousands can potentially see it. Imagine how many people will have an opportunity to get involved simply because you took 1 second to share a post?

Write a review:

Take a few minutes to post a review on Facebook. Positive reviews encourage others to join the cause, donate or otherwise get involved. It’s also a nice way to thank the members for the hard work they put in.

Pictures & Tagging:twitter

If you were at an event and have pictures, post them to your social media account and remember to tag the organization. Publicity like this is extremely valuable. Click here if you’re not sure how to tag on Facebook, or here for Twitter mentions.


Read blogs. Leave a comment. You’ll learn some interesting information. You have an opportunity to leave some feedback or suggestions. You might think of someone else who would benefit from the blog. If so, share it along!

share-1314738_1280Here’s the best part about these methods of supporting Midland Y’s Men’s Club: By doing any combination of these, you’re helping with our SEO. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the name given to online activity that attempts to improve search engine results. When you search for something online, Google displays links to pages it deems relevant and authoritative. The more often people are sharing, reviewing, tagging or commenting on our posts and blogs, the more important Google thinks our page is, and ranks it higher in searches. This leads to more exposure for all of the good things we do in the community, which leads to more volunteers, participants and donations.

When it comes to social media, the little things really do add up!

Please take a moment when you see our posts online to comment, like, share or tag. It means a great deal to us, but more importantly to the people who are supported by our endeavours.

Midland Y’s Men’s Club can always use an extra set of hands. We’re currently seeking new members. Our casual weekly dinner meetings (September to June) focus on an informative speaker, fun lively discussions, as well as the more serious aspects of event planning and fundraising. Fun, good fellowship and service are the keystones of all Y’s Men’s activities.